"Our son's love and dedication for theatre studies was exemplified in some lead roles he held in his beloved ‘Acting Like a Kid’ after school program, which he has insisted in participating in for the past five years. Plays have included, 'Dear Edwina Jr.', 'The Lion King' and 'Jungle Book', amongst others. In 'Dear Edwina Jr.' not only did his devotion, confidence and hard work shine through but also, the maturity he showed for a 9 year old boy. After having read the script for the lead role of Scott, a helpless romantic in love with Edwina, he was initially reluctant to take it on so as not to embarrass himself. However, after giving it some additional thought, he decided to embrace the role, showing his commitment to the program and he worked hard and relentlessly on his lines and songs at home with his sister, 2 years his junior. At the musical production, he sang with all his heart and generated an incredible applause and a standing ovation."

Both my children, two years apart in age, spent over five years individually at PS 183 preforming in the ‘Acting Like a Kid’ after school program. Plays varied from Little Red Riding Hood to Dear Edwina to Alice in Wonderland. Nothing brought them more together in the same way as the time they spent in ALK together. Sam and Amy are just amazing and know exactly how to engage and involve each child across the variety of ages, from Pre-K to 5th grade. ALK has taught my kids to be confident, work as a team, do what you they love most of all. l highly recommend ALK as parent.

This is our daughter’s 6th semester in Acting Like A Kid. Each show production is fantastic! Our daughter has grown more confident in her ability to speak and sing aloud in front of a crowd. She also has such a great time rehearsing at home and enjoys getting into the roles she plays. We are so happy there is such a great program like this offered at her school and would recommend it to anyone. Sam is amazing and great to work with as well!

“Acting like a kid is amazing and I love the end the semester performance. I took the class because my daughter loves to act. My daughter can’t wait to go to class every week! I highly recommend Acting Like a Kid if you want a great experience for your child don’t walk run before it’s full. I give them five stars!”


"My daughter attended the summer camp class and she loved it! She was so excited to participate in a show, she would rehearse her lines/songs so many times at home that even my 3-year old could sing the whole play after a couple of weeks! It definitely boosted her confidence and even though she was one of the youngest students in the group she felt that everyone was helping her with her role and she made a lot of new friends! The final show was amazing! Amy and Sam did a fantastic job and all the students had a lot of fun! My daughter will definitely continue drama classes with ALK."

Our son loved the this camp, and we were all blown away by what was accomplished in just three weeks!