Does your student enjoy theater, singing, dancing, or simply....

Registration is open for the Fall!


We are thrilled to announce that this fall we will be working on the show 101 Dalmatians! Enter code FRIEND and receive $50 off!


We are an all-inclusive musical theater experience, with no hidden fees. Classes meet once per week for 15 weeks and end with a full musical theater production. Our teaching artists are all professional actors, musicians and performers who are currently working and pursuing their passions. Although every child will have a role in the final production, we hold auditions for lead roles to give the students a chance to experience the audition process-just like they do on Broadway!

Over the course of 15 weeks your child will enjoy :

  • 3 professional teaching artists in each class working on stage technique, acting, singing and choreography.

  • Students have live musical accompaniment in each class.

  • Professional student scripts to learn and work from.

  • Costumes, props, and set design created by professional artists for all performances.

  • Professional lighting, sound and make-up for all performances.

  • Acting Like a Kid uses only fully licensed productions. All production fees are included.

A few reasons why our program is important:

CREATIVITY. Performing arts teach children how to think creatively through imagination.

COMMUNICATION. Theater exposes young people to new vocabulary and ways of communicating.

IMAGINATION. Children need imagination to grow, create, think, and play. Theatre is a valuable place where kids can explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations and what they can do.  

CULTURE. Through theater, audiences are immersed in stories about characters from every background imaginable.  Theater allows you to step into someone else’s shoes and see life from their point of view. This teaches young people lessons of empathy and cultural relativity.